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Desk Planner Weekly/Undated A4

Desk Planner Weekly/Undated A4

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Are you trying to organise your life but don't know where to start? This planner breaks all your tasks down into manageable pieces, because, after 3 lockdowns, even one event in the calendar is overwhelming.

The planner features:
- a large grid space for all your To-Do lists and reminders
- a weekly breakdown, featuring 4 bitesize sections per day, making tasks more manageable and less scary (even when it's your dentist appointment)
- a section to keep track of your habits (DRINK YOUR WATER!! NO EXCUSES)
- a 'tasks for next week' list, for the jobs you just can't handle this week
- a couple of blank boxes for whatever your heart desires - I like to leave a space for doodles because I'm an ✨ARTIST✨ didn't you know!
- bonus! the desk pad can be used as a mouse pad too!

The planner is A4 sized, featuring 52 tearaway pages. It is printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks!

Happy planning!

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