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Desk Planner for small businesses - undated/weekly - A4

Desk Planner for small businesses - undated/weekly - A4

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If you are a responsible and organised small business owner who keeps on top of your work via your google calendar then

1. Teach me your ways
2. This product is probably not for you

If you are a small business owner who is as chaotic as me, you will probably have a studio/desk littered with scraps of paper, old receipts and rogue post it notes with orders written on them. I designed this desk pad with my own needs in mind as a way of keeping lists NEAT and ORGANISED, a concept I am new to and terrible at. I’ve come to realise that the typical desk planners don’t really work for my business - there’s too much focus on daily tasks/times whereas the bane and beauty of owning a small shop is that plans can change at any time. For this pad I have left the weekly schedule small - for easy and manageable tasks and reminders. There is a huge grid for keeping track of orders, along with an undated header so you can start planning at any time. I also personally find it helpful to keep track of my big finances on a weekly scale, so there is space to track your incoming and outgoing finances and make a responsible decision as to whether you should get a takeaway next Friday. Finally, there is a lil stats tracker, perfect for those of us who like to monitor progress through the vapid yet heady rush of a boost of new Instagram followers. I also like to keep track of my weekly sales here so I can look back on my business progression.

The pad is A4 sized, printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks, with 52 pages per pad.

Happy planning!

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